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Virtualization Concepts & Market Category Mapping

Drive to change business models to survive or thrive the disruption landscape creates a need for additional capital. This in-turn drives the need for efficiencies and agility of an organization at the same time. In my opinion, this can be achieved by prioritizing on the appropriate virtualization approach as required to complete the business model pivot. For example, if a bank wanted to enter insurance market as a carrier they can simply purchase such capability from a Business as a service provider rather than build the infrastructure necessary for that shift.
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Messaging Middleware Products

Award winning IBMWebSphere MQ (WMQ) software has been having a monopoly in this space for over a decade now. WMQ has about 83% of market share (in 2005 - probably more now). The product is so popular that a lot of consultants working in space can't think beyond this product for the advantages it offers. Here is a comparison of are 47 messaging middleware products based on the cost, suitability for enterprise deployment and product maturity in market with links where you can find more information about it.

Physical Office Vs Virtual Office

This post describes how to have a virtual office possibly eliminating the need for a physical office based on the size and criticality of the business.

The main business functions that you server for the office for a start-up would be:
Establish presence – means to contact

Owning your first office on the net

In this post, I talk about the options one has if they want to own some space on the internet. This post will be of use to you weather you are creating your own personal website or you are presenting a business idea or are actually working towards a project! Read on..

26 ideas for starting up your web business

If you aspire to find a place in the web world, here are some options that simply can’t miss considering. These are based on the assumption that you can browse and know basic HTML. Keep watching this blog for more details and creative ideas on each of these options.

Without any monitory investment when you have skill and time on hand:
1. Blogging and then pay per click